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Matching Gifts Amidst COVID-19

Matching gifts can increase an annual giving total in the range of 10% and also can really help boost major gifts. But it’s a challenging time right now. I was wondering, are companies pulling back on this support during the challenges of this health crisis and economic slowdown? Teddy Callow at ...

How to Use GiftPlus OnLine

Learn how and when to use GiftPlus OnLine. GiftPlus gives you access to the entire HEP database of nearly 2,400 parent company programs and over 23,000 listings including subsidiaries, divisions, locations, brandings, aka’s, dba’s and acquisitions.

The Future of Matching Gifts

On this week’s episode of Fundraising Voices our Director of Sales, Teddy Callow, sat down with Ruffalo Noel Levitz VP Brian Gawor to talk about the future of matching gifts.  A common theme of their conversation is automation.

Matching Gift Summit

On October 3rd, 2018 we held our annual Matching Gift Summit. Teddy Callow and HEPdata's CEO, Steve Hafner, sat down to talk gifts, strategy, and opportunity.

Social Media and First Destination: Publicly Available and Trustworthy Too?

With growing demand for high first destination knowledge rates, career professionals are seeking time-saving, cost-effective data collection strategies. Many suggest using publicly-available social media sites as sources of outcomes information. Yet, how trustworthy are these data? The Career ...