Introducing PortalPro from HEPdata

Our latest technology platform, PortalPro, allows you to store and update your matching gift policy info in Ellucian Advance in real-time, which automatically identifies new matching gift opportunities in your database - no additional work required.

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Optimize your matching gifts with HEPdata's PortalPro for Ellucian Advance

PortalPro gives your organization the capability to identify every matching gift opportunity.  

  • Link all your organization records to the HEPdata GiftPlus database that are matching gift eligible. 
  • Receive automatic, daily updates to any policy changes.
  • Increase your matching gift conversion rate! That's it. All matching gift opportunities are identified at the moment of gift processing.
  • If eligible, an automated email will be sent to your donor with everything they need to complete their matching gift forms. 
  • Track the status of your opportunities in real-time.

Exclusively for Ellucian Advance customers. 

Identify and Automate Matching Gifts in Ellucian Advance

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