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Join the 10,000+ nonprofit organizations that partner with us each year to increase matching gifts, amplify donor engagement, and fuel their respective missions.

For nonprofit organizations, the mission drives everything. Whatever that mission is — healthcare, child welfare, education, or policy changes — donor engagement and giving are the lifeblood of nonprofit operations.


Our Solutions


Matching Gifts

Our powerful suite of matching gift technologies — including eMatch® Donor Link and eMatch® Portal — simplifies the donation matching process, maximizing your match strategy’s impact.

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Data Enrichment

Access to the most up-to-date, accurate donor data is imperative to hitting your fundraising goals. Our clients enjoy robust data enrichment capabilities, including powerful data append tools to ensure consistent data reliability.

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Capturing the attention of donors and getting them to take action during annual fundraising campaigns is harder than it’s ever been.

Key donor prospects move, change jobs, or get promoted, and suddenly a sure source of fundraising dollars goes missing-in-action because your tools and team just can’t keep up with the frenetic pace of change.

Learn why HEPdata has a 90% customer retention rate.

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American Red Cross
American Heart Associtation
Habitat for Humanity
American Cancer Society

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