eMatch® Portal

eMatch Portal empowers nonprofits and higher education institutions to identify match-eligible website visitors, and engage and track their activities.

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HEPdata's eMatch® Portal Program

Automatically identify and track match-eligible donors.

  • Automate your matching gift program from start to finish.  eMatch Portal will drive match opportunities to completion, and help track and manage the process along the way.  Send custom reminders branded to your organization, and pull detailed analytics to forecast upcoming match revenue.  eMatch Portal integrates with your donation form, confirmation page, and anywhere else you’d like.
  • Mine your data for employment information including employer, title, location, date, and social media URL.  All data is easily loaded into your CRM, as well as flagged for matching gift eligibility.  We can even create a Matching Gift Scorecard before you purchase.
  • Keep matching gift policies updated in your CRM in real time with our Extender, while simultaneously screening daily for new matches.  Whether a gift comes in online or offline, you’ll never miss a new matching gift opportunity.

eMatch Portal is a comprehensive matching gift management tool that connects your team with previously anonymous donors.

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