Data Enrichment

Automated donor information updates to keep data fresh.

One of every four donors will transition to a new job within a year. Without the right tools, job changes and other employee-related challenges can create barriers for your team when trying to maintain database accuracy.

Introducing HEPdata's eMatch® Portal Program

Automatically identify and track match-eligible donors.

Our eMatch Portal program empowers nonprofits and higher education institutions to identify match-eligible website visitors and engage and track their activities. Our eMatch Portal includes:

  • An engagement system/custom email reminders
  • A dashboard to track/manage/monitor
  • API integration into online form for seamless search right from point of donation
  • A frame option for before/after gifting
  • A marketing tool (eMatch Donor Link)

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Data Enrichment Benefits

Clean and accurate data drives success.

  • Eliminate wasted time and effort caused by bad data
  • Improve development team productivity and morale by eliminating frustrating data problems
  • Increase donor engagement by leveraging real-time information
  • Maximize fundraising and matching gift revenues through increased meaningful interactions with the right prospects


Recover lost contacts and verify addresses with ease.

With append rates between 80–95% and USPS NCOA verified addresses, we’ll help you dramatically increase your chances of engaging donors who have not been targeted in years.



Update personal and business addresses automatically.

Email campaigns are a key tactic of many fundraising and gift matching strategies. To reduce bounced emails and improve delivery rates, append your personal email database information and business email data using our proprietary algorithm.


Phone Numbers

Verify mobile and landline numbers to increase connected call rates.

Find, update, and verify donor mobile and landline numbers to ensure more connected calls and meaningful constituent engagement.


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