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Fundraising Platform BoostMySchool Partners with HEPdata for Matching Gift Solution

BoostMySchool, the leading online fundraising platform for K-12 schools, has partnered with HEPdata, an SSB company, and the industry’s leading matching gift platform ...

The Matching Gift Strategy You Want Might Not Be The One You Need

Almost weekly, I get told by fundraising and nonprofit organizations, “I want to do what (insert organization name) is doing to raise more matching gift funds.”  The belief being, if they work with the same vendor and use the same data and technology, their results will be ...

5 Tips to Get Matching Gift Paperwork Across the Finish Line

You’ve completed your fundraiser, raised loads of money, and with the help of pending matching gift donations, the numbers are looking good. All you need is for donors to complete their matching gift paperwork. ...

12 Best Practices for Matching Gifts in Higher Education


If you plan for it, the donations will come. Take time in 2021 to create a Matching Gift strategic plan that includes annual Matching Gift goals, action items on how to meet those goals, and deadlines to keep your team on task. HEPdata’s ...

HEPdata & iModules Have Teamed Up

Ever wonder how to automate gifts from your iModules Encompass Platform? Well, HEPdata & iModules have teamed up, bringing together the best of both worlds:

8 Matching Gift Trends to Boost Revenue for Nonprofits & Higher Education Institutions

If you’re a nonprofit or higher education institution, you’ve likely had to get a lot more creative in your fundraising efforts as of late. With everyone looking for new solutions to similar issues, it’s also key to keep abreast of industry trends and see how others are successfully ...

4 Virtual Fundraising Event Ideas That Will Break the Curve

If you had to grade your last virtual fundraising event, what would you give yourself? Did you get an “A?” Would you give yourself a “needs improvement?” After all, virtual fundraising events require the same kind of planning and execution as an in-person event!

Are Companies Still Donating to Charity During the Pandemic and Economic Downturn?

There’s no doubt about it, we are in unprecedented times. People across the country need help, and many charities are paving the way to providing that help. But charities can’t do that without proper funding.

How to Grow Fundraising by 40% During the Pandemic

Fundraising is a constant year-round initiative for all higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations. During normal times, fundraising revenue is the engine that keeps things moving. Unfortunately, these are not normal times.

Double the Love: February is Matching Gift Month

Did you know February is Matching Gift Month? This can be a great way to build awareness around matching gifts for your cause. Research suggests that your donors are more likely to contribute to a cause and make a larger donation if they know their employer will match their gift. Below are ...