Did you know more than 5,700 companies with matching gift programs will match individual donations in excess of $5,000? In addition, another 2,226 will match gifts up to $25,000 and, hard to believe, 117 will match gifts up to a staggering $100,000!

Are your major gift officers zeroing in on matching gifts? Probably not. They spend lots of time cultivating the gift, for good reason, but no time on the back-end checking if the gift is match eligible or portion thereof. Matching gifts and major gifts go hand and hand and having knowledge of details like preferred matching rates is a powerful information to add into a negotiation for the next gift.

HEPdata client, Mike Westfall, former VP of Advancement and Executive Director of Eastern Washington University Foundation and current VP of University Advancement at Oakland University, turned a $5,000 five-year commitment donation (25K total) into a $125,00 donation through the donor's 4:1 employer matching gift benefit.

How can I create a post leadership/major gift matching gift strategy?

1. Create a culture of matching gifts. Make sure everyone on your team is aware of the benefits of matching gifts.

2. Scrub your donor records to determine match eligibility.

3. Most major gift donors happily give their employer name when asked. Be sure to ask!

4. Send an email alerting the donor they are match eligible and provide the exact amount that can be matched based on their employer’s guidelines.

5. Embed their employer’s log-in to register the match.

6. Add them into your eMatch Portal to ensure their gift gets matched!

7. Include promotion of matching gifts in all social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. This is a quick and easy way to share success stories and remind people of matching gifts.

With so many companies offering employee matching gift programs, your non-profits can’t afford NOT to aggressively pursue this free money. For more information on how to improve your matching gift program, please call 800-681-4438 or email info@hepdata.com.


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