Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday is here! Starting in 2012 the Tuesday after Thanksgiving the holiday GivingTuesday was created to kick off the season of giving on a high note, encouraging people to share and celebrate kindness in various ways. Over the past seven years, GivingTuesday has grown into a global holiday with over 150 participating countries to celebrate all acts of generosity. GivingTuesday’s efforts have raised over 400 million dollars for nonprofits, but it doesn’t just stop at monetary gifts. From hashtagging #UnDiaParaDarAR in Argentina to volunteering in Leesburg Virginia, people all around the world take time out of their Tuesday to spread a little more generosity. With the implementation of HEPdata’s Matching Gift solutions, donors can easily get their gift matched resulting in a donation with double the impact! Raising awareness of matching gifts is an easy way to immediately double the size of your current donations. We recommend every nonprofit begin by getting the word out. Here are 10 Twitter posts you can schedule today to remind your donors that their gifts might be matched by their employer.

1. “Help us make #GivingTuesday a huge success. See if your gift can be doubled through your employer! (Insert E-Match Link) #matchinggifts”

2. “Matching Gifts are your friends. Please check here (Insert E-Match Link) to see if your donation can be matched through your employer this #GivingTuesday!”

3. “#GivingTuesday - Does your company have a workplace giving program? Find out, take advantage! (Insert E-Match Link) #matchinggifts”

4. “Take a few minutes to see if your company will match your #GivingTuesday donations! (Insert E-Match link) #MatchingGifts”

5. “#GivingTuesday is around the corner! See if your gift can be doubled by your employer (Insert E-Match link)! #MatchingGifts”

6. “Kick off the giving season by making a #donation on #GivingTuesday. Please check to see if your employer will match your gift (Insert E-Match Link)”

7. “Want to double your #GivingTuesday contribution? Check here to see if our employer will match your donation (Insert link to the E-Match).”

8. “Last #GivingTuesday we raised $X from corporate matching gift programs – help make 2019 a better year! (Insert E-Match Link).”


9. “Employers often offer the #MatchingGifts incentive to encourage employee charitable giving - Please check here (Insert HEP E-Match Link) to see if your employer will match your gift this #GivingTuesday”

10. “Did you know your employer might match your gift in support of (non-profit name)? Find out here if your #GivingTuesday donation can be double (Insert E-Match link) #matchinggifts”

Last year non-profits’ average gift amount was $105 on #GivingTuesday, totaling over 400 million donations raised in the United States alone! We want to help raise even more in 2019!